Best Gadgets for every startup

Best Gadgets for every startup

Must Have Gadgets for your start-up


While sipping coffee I was hit by an idea, thought to conduct a meeting right there but phone was short of its fuel.

That time I realized when you have a start-up, your every single minute should be dedicated in watering your little bud (start up). And then I thought we are not living in 90s anymore, we have Technology. We have Gadgets and Soft wares which always come to the rescue when it comes to saving time!!


So here I am giving you the list of gadgets that you can’t miss if you have hunger for success…




Well very basic of every start-up is “presenting” your idea and this is what gives you the best way to do it. Its looks very disorienting to ramble on back and forth from your presentation spot to your laptop. So wireless printer allows you to change the slides in more seamless manner.

The portable clickers allow you t change slides without having you to use those bulky navigation keys. This gadget is the best way to strut your stuff.

Power bank

Smart phones, tablets, laptops are the most basic and significance devices but alas, they come with the diminished battery life. Giving my own situation I say, this device is paramount of all, obviously.

This helps you to keep working on without worrying about the battery life. Just take care that you buy the powerful one so that by its one recharge your basic devices get to work the entire day.


USB hub

High speed USB hub is a must have for an avid computer user as transferring substantial amount of data won’t be handle by multiple USB flash drives. You have to have USB hubs to save your precious time. It will provide you with multiple slots so that you don’t have to wait for slot to get free to transfer your data.


Wireless Router

To be able to work on global approach seamlessly you have to have uninterrupted internet connection at your working place. Though these comes with the hefty price tags it’s worth an investment as your halted internet connection might cost you more, so don’t hold up yourself from buying these. If it helps try Google Wi-Fi, Its whole Wi-Fi system and possibly the best in the market. Not only this, its good to idea to have 3d printer, if you are in the manufacturing industry. For smaller projects, you can also think of buying professional 3d pens. They are small, fast and manufacturing is instant.


Wireless noise cancelling headphones

You can call it a tool of multi tasking. Talking on a phone call with phone in your hand will pretty much tie up your hands, restricting you from multitasking, which ultimately hamper your productivity. You don’t want that, do you?

It also serves dual purpose of allowing you to work nearly anywhere by cutting out the disturbance. You can work in coffee shops, in malls, in restaurants where people talks nonchalantly. Isn’t it great to be able to work at peace albeit sitting in a rackety place?



Well along with these gadgets some softwares are there too that might help in galloping your work rate.


Google Analytics

Well new start-ups blooms only on the basis of the numbers. And Google analytics helps you to identify those numbers. How much traffic? Who is your traffic? What is the basis of your traffic?

It answers you every number!

You know the best part is tech naive people can understand and handle it too, as Google Analytics uses marked Charts and Graphs comprehensible to everyone.




Your new service or products needs feedback. Jira helps your product to improve by tracking its progress and gaining feedback from outlying sources. If you are working on the line of production and you make any changes or updates in your project whilst, those changes will be visible by the other teams members as well.



This app creates the virtual link between all of your internet connected devices. It tots up all your documents, images, video clips, presentations, emails to one place that one place would be your Dropbox account and making them accessible from any places. Moreover it organizes your files in personalized folders. You can share files however big they are. It s great tool to have your files managed.



This app is basically acts as your social media manager. You can decide your posts , videos , images that are too be posted on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and schedule those post by date and time, now Hootsuite will do the rest, while you are working on the other projects. It’s a busy man’s helper.



See, use every other thing that saves your time in the beginning. The above tools are the basics; they are must if you are full of ideas but short of time.

You might think these gadgets pander to you office but they bring plenty of benefits and improvement to your everyday life.  Hence these tools are highly recommended





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